Friday, November 5, 2010

the birthday of abg aman~!

this is one of my faveret abg of the year..
abg Aman!!
love ya~!
hepi burpday...
smoga bufday dier mrupkn bufday yg sgt menggembirakan!
have a blast..


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

it's a new revolution...(kekeke)

it's 2nd November 2010
the time pass so fast!
whoever thought the 1st semester will be finished soon
a lot of thing has happen and it makes us (me) grew even more mature than before
...i'm grown up!
still i wanted to act like i used to when i was in primary one's funny..
next year i will turn 19!
oh no.....!!!
and slowly comes the number '2' n '3' n so on..
gosh~how will it be..
i'm studying in...

it omost 6 months i'm here..
i have a lot of wonderful friends....
they share laughter with me...
...n also the tears, joy and pain...

~fun with water in Pangkor Island~

~sharing precious moment together~

~yeSs..ini k.a.m.i..~

~we <3 to play iving me such a water~!!~

~menjadi kreatif bersama~

|sesungguhnya...I thank to God for giving me such a nice and wonderful buddy|
God give me an awesome team of CF members which i love so much
and my love for you guys totally going to grew bigger....
hopefully we can completing our 5 years journey here with millions of new to be learnt..
and to all my beloved syg2...
i love u guys.>~!!!!

|P/s: i won't frget the bloody baldi...kekekeke|

|jmpa g...|