Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Semester 7

Another semester is about to end
now I am currently in....
semester 7

can't believe that my journey has come this far...
it seems like yesterday that I came into this place
how amazing that i survived for almost 5 years here...
in a place where i am a stranger and alone in a huge city
of course i can't go through all things here if not because of my Jesus
i always know that HE is with me

this semester is very hectic
and i am tired....

but i need to hold on!
my college life almost comes to an end
one more semester to go!!

i will be having my final semester exam next week
though it is only 2 papers, it is the toughest and killers among every subject i have learnt
oh well..
all the best for me and the rest...

till then, goodnight everyone.

[updated from my room 12:55am]