Wednesday, May 23, 2012

i hate today

i sincerely HATE today.
things are not that FAIR for me.
i hate today.
thank you.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

the apple of my eye...

pretending not to care is just not me..
hello there! it's been so long i didn't write on this blog..
so busy recently with TONE of assignments and exams...
now i'm back after getting FEVER...

a lot of things happened currently...
some were good, some were not..
but thank God!
HE gave me strength to go through!

this is for the person i love. :)

another day
without your smile
another day just passes by
but now i know how much it mean
for you to stay right here with me...
the time we spent apart make our love grew stronger

i want to grow old with you..
i want to look in your eyes..
i want to be there for you
sharing everything you do..

not sure if you know this..
but when we first met...
i feel so nervous..
i could not speak..
in that very moment...
i found the one and my life have found this missing piece..
so as long as i live i love you..
and from now till my very last breath
this day i'll cherish..
what we have is timeless
my love is endless...
and with this scream
i say to the world..
i'm in love with you..

and if a daughter our future holds..
i wish she  has my eyes..
find love like you and i did..
i wish she falls in love and you will let her go..
 you'll walk her down on the aisle..
she look so beautiful in white...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Saat kau tidak berguna, DIA ada..

Suatu hari Guru sekolah minggu memberikan tugas kepada murid-muridnya: Seperti apa Allah Bapa itu? "Untuk mudahnya, kalian harus melihat Dia sebagai seorang Bapa.. seorang papi," ujar guru tsb.

Minggu berikutnya, guru tsb menagih PR dari setiap murid yang ada. "Allah Bapa itu seperti Dokter!" ujar seorang anak yang papanya adalah dokter. "Ia sanggup menyembuhkan sakit penyakit seberat apapun!" "Allah Bapa itu seperti Guru!" ujar anak yang lain. "Dia selalu mengajarkan kita untuk melakukan yang baik dan benar." "Allah Bapa itu seperti Hakim!" ujar seorang anak yang papanya adalah hakim dengan bangga,"Ia adil dan memutuskan segala perkara di bumi."

"Menurut aku Allah Bapa itu seperti Arsitek. Dia membangun rumah yang indah untuk kita di surga!" ujar seorang anak tidak mau kalah. "Allah Bapa itu pokoknya kaya sekali deh! Apa saja yang kita minta Dia punya!" ujar seorang anak konglomerat. Guru tsb tersenyum ketika satu demi satu anak memperkenalkan image Allah Bapa dengan semangat.

Tetapi ada satu anak yang sedari tadi diam saja dan nampak risih mendengar jawaban anak2 lain. "Eddy, menurut kamu siapa Allah Bapa itu?" ujar ibu guru dengan lembut. Ia tahu anak ini tidak seberuntung anak2 yang lain dalam hal ekonomi, dan cenderung lebih tertutup.

Eddy hampir2 tidak mengangkat mukanya, dan suaranya begitu pelan waktu menjawab,"Ayah saya seorang pemulung... jadi saya pikir... Allah Bapa itu Seorang Pemulung Ulung." Ibu guru terkejut bukan main, dan anak-anak lain mulai protes mendengar Allah Bapa disamakan dengan pemulung. Eddy mulai ketakutan. "Eddy,"ujar ibu guru lagi. "Mengapa kamu samakan Allah Bapa dengan pemulung?"

Untuk pertama kalinya Eddy mengangkat wajahnya dan menatap ke sekeliling sebelum akhirnya menjawab,"Karena Ia memungut sampah yang tidak berguna seperti Eddy dan menjadikan Eddy manusia baru, Ia menjadikan Eddy anakNya."

Sahabat, mungkin ada diantara kalian ada yang bingung kenapa dibilang seperti pemulung. Pemulung ini bukan diartikan secara fisik, tapi secara esensi lebih dalam. Pemulung mengambil sampah-sampah yang tidak berharga untuk dikumpulkan dan diproses menjadi barang yang lebih bernilai dan berharga. Demikian pula Bapa di Surga, Dia mengambil kita orang-orang yang berdosa, yang mungkin sudah sangat kotor karena begitu banyak dosa yang telah kita lakukan. Dia mau mengambil kita, Dia menebus dosa dan kesalahan kita, melayakkan kita menjadi anakNya dan menjadikan kita pewaris Kerajaan Allah. 

"Karena begitu besar kasih Allah akan dunia ini, sehingga Ia telah mengaruniakan AnakNya yang tunggal, supaya setiap orang yang percaya kepadaNya tidak binasa, melainkan beroleh hidup yang kekal."
(Yohanes 3:16)

"Sebab karena kasih karunia kamu diselamatkan oleh iman, itu bukan hasil usahamu sendiri melainkan pemberian Allah."(Efesus 2:8)

Kamu sudah ditebus dan dilayakkan menjadi anakNya, apakah kamu masih mau mendukakan hatiNya dengan tetap melakukan dosa?Keselamatan itu akan tetap menjadi bagianmu, kalau kamu tetap mempertahankan sampai garis akhir, sampai dimana maut menjemput kita. Jagalah anugerah keselamatan dari Tuhan dengan hidup taat, setia dan berkenan kepada Tuhan agar setiap kita bisa masuk ke dalam kerajaanNya.

Tuhan Yesus memberkatimu ^__^

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Relationship: A Commitment or Limitation

i came across the topic of my post today while i'm taking my bath
(hihihihi) *it's true
long time i didn't post anything
i'm going through such a hectic and busy life recently
now pause a bit and spare my time to write in my beloved blog!
Relationship: Commitment or Limitation?
i found myself asking this question by myself
frankly speaking, when i start to date a guy 
(in a great relationship with him now ^^)
i just realized that i have stop doing things 
which a single person normally do.
everything, everyday is changing
and i never feel as if i has a great lost..
people might ask..
"Juju, are you for real?"
i'll answer like this:
well, when i fall in love, i fall hard...
peeps, when you are in a relationship,
you really need to:
look for this situation:
1. If a girl going out with random guy:

"Eyh, i thought she is in a relationship with A. where did he go? did he still with her?"
2. If a boy going out with a girl friend
"OMG!! He has been cheating to her gf all along.! Let's we text her to find out."
*guess what will happen next.
It's not like both girl and boy cannot going out anymore with friends from opposite sex
well, the best thing is having limitation in the -ship u have with someone called friend.
- NEVER going out together in two with friend who are opposite sex with yours
: to avoid misunderstanding
- when TEXT a friend with opposite sex, need to use proper words
well, as for girl they easily misunderstood the word used by guys sometimes. 
For eg:

anyway, try to appreciate your relationship
as long and as much as you could.
if possible, let it end up with a glorious and holy marriage
in Christian, both lover end their relationship as couple in Church
well, for me that is the best part in life.

p/s: dear, i pray it will be you who will be walking with me on the aisle. ;)

the conclusion for today,
relationship may have some
but, it will never feel as it a limitation
when you dare enough to take the
you will feel happy with the commitment you gave to your partner.

as for me,
so far i;m happy and feel blessed most of the time.
i say it as a commitment!
our journey may still long way to go,
but i pray it will be everlasting.

Dear God,
please teach me how to love him like YOU have love him first.
and teach him to love me, like YOU have love me.
In JESUS most precious name i pray,

*have a blessed reading. ^^

Saturday, March 3, 2012

it's 3rd...

it's 3rd of March 2012
and i felt that today is a great day
and it was!
it is my special day...!!

1. my loved one fetch me from the airport~hehehe

2. i've got a present! jeng3!!

3. i saw the 'unbelievable' looks my parents had 
when saw me coming out from the house. 
i didn't tell them about my arrival today!
 they thought i'm having class 
when i off my phone for 2hours and 45 minutes!

4. i told my parent all about him...
for the meantime, he say it's okay.
i pray for the best.

*well, i thank God for today.
it was so FANTASTIC..
God is always great.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

missing someone without fails..

another night passed by...
and i feels hard to go through...

missing someone without fails?
heartbeat get faster when you're near?
it's LOVE
I can't deny that i have some kind of feeling that afraid of loosing..
and i cry through the night..

i'm falling in love with the same guy everyday and never gets tired..
and i really want him to know how much he mean to me..
i never realized until i'm afraid of letting him go..

thousands smiles, millions laugh...
i just don't know..
it has been so long i don't have this feeling over a guy..
and when i have it now...
i just want it to stay still and never faded away...
it's hurt being cheated...
it's hurt being someone's spare-part...
it's hurt when trust being broken..
i just don't want the same thing happened all over again...

and i meant it ..
every words i said..

i don't want to let him go..
God, i love him a lot by now and i hope he do too...

and i really hope, i be his everything..
for i never have any chance to be someone's everything before...
it always been anything..  =(
and those people leaving me for no reason..
and i break to pieces..
somehow i really pray hard...
prayed that it STOP!
apek.... =')

and i meant it...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

my wonderful days with you ♥

never thought you are the one...
NEVER thought what we have been calling as friendship all this while will turned into relationship
knowing you for more than eight years...
and knowing you personally for most a year now...
it doesn't make any difference for me...
the difference is that you had grown a little bit matured...
and i found you are quiet different from the old you when we're still in high schools..

03rd January 2012, i would say as a meaningful date for me.
then, it's 15-18 January 2012 you came to KL and cherished my days..
what i could say more.. :')

there will be ups and downs in any relationships. i put my trust on God to handled it for me.
there will be so many things we need to face..
and i want us to hold on...
just don't give up on me, cause i won't give up on you..
i'm happy for no longer "ME" n "YOU".. it's us!

thanks for everything...
more to comes and lot we need to learn. :)


*thank you so much for the ring and jersey..!    you!