Saturday, May 19, 2012

the apple of my eye...

pretending not to care is just not me..
hello there! it's been so long i didn't write on this blog..
so busy recently with TONE of assignments and exams...
now i'm back after getting FEVER...

a lot of things happened currently...
some were good, some were not..
but thank God!
HE gave me strength to go through!

this is for the person i love. :)

another day
without your smile
another day just passes by
but now i know how much it mean
for you to stay right here with me...
the time we spent apart make our love grew stronger

i want to grow old with you..
i want to look in your eyes..
i want to be there for you
sharing everything you do..

not sure if you know this..
but when we first met...
i feel so nervous..
i could not speak..
in that very moment...
i found the one and my life have found this missing piece..
so as long as i live i love you..
and from now till my very last breath
this day i'll cherish..
what we have is timeless
my love is endless...
and with this scream
i say to the world..
i'm in love with you..

and if a daughter our future holds..
i wish she  has my eyes..
find love like you and i did..
i wish she falls in love and you will let her go..
 you'll walk her down on the aisle..
she look so beautiful in white...