Sunday, April 15, 2012

Relationship: A Commitment or Limitation

i came across the topic of my post today while i'm taking my bath
(hihihihi) *it's true
long time i didn't post anything
i'm going through such a hectic and busy life recently
now pause a bit and spare my time to write in my beloved blog!
Relationship: Commitment or Limitation?
i found myself asking this question by myself
frankly speaking, when i start to date a guy 
(in a great relationship with him now ^^)
i just realized that i have stop doing things 
which a single person normally do.
everything, everyday is changing
and i never feel as if i has a great lost..
people might ask..
"Juju, are you for real?"
i'll answer like this:
well, when i fall in love, i fall hard...
peeps, when you are in a relationship,
you really need to:
look for this situation:
1. If a girl going out with random guy:

"Eyh, i thought she is in a relationship with A. where did he go? did he still with her?"
2. If a boy going out with a girl friend
"OMG!! He has been cheating to her gf all along.! Let's we text her to find out."
*guess what will happen next.
It's not like both girl and boy cannot going out anymore with friends from opposite sex
well, the best thing is having limitation in the -ship u have with someone called friend.
- NEVER going out together in two with friend who are opposite sex with yours
: to avoid misunderstanding
- when TEXT a friend with opposite sex, need to use proper words
well, as for girl they easily misunderstood the word used by guys sometimes. 
For eg:

anyway, try to appreciate your relationship
as long and as much as you could.
if possible, let it end up with a glorious and holy marriage
in Christian, both lover end their relationship as couple in Church
well, for me that is the best part in life.

p/s: dear, i pray it will be you who will be walking with me on the aisle. ;)

the conclusion for today,
relationship may have some
but, it will never feel as it a limitation
when you dare enough to take the
you will feel happy with the commitment you gave to your partner.

as for me,
so far i;m happy and feel blessed most of the time.
i say it as a commitment!
our journey may still long way to go,
but i pray it will be everlasting.

Dear God,
please teach me how to love him like YOU have love him first.
and teach him to love me, like YOU have love me.
In JESUS most precious name i pray,

*have a blessed reading. ^^