Saturday, December 27, 2014

She is someone that spent most of the time with me.
and she named


she is someone who i thought was my world.
her presence means everything to me.

her smile. laughter. joy


And I'll treat her like my own sister.
she hurt, i'm hurting too.
she cry, i feel sad.
she is happy, and so am i.

without i realised...
she stabbed me at the back.
and that hurt...
real bad.

her attitude, her friendship with me..
is all FAKE..

once our mutual friend told me 

"I think you should stop thinking about her or saying anything about how you care for her cause you know what...she never talked to us the way you talk to us about her. and she does not worth your tears."

after that...
i just stop being care.

what left of us is a memory.
of her that used to be someone in my life.

i am now moving on with some memories of someone that has become a stranger.


Goodnight. I'll be gone tomorrow.