Friday, March 18, 2011

two is better than one

i've been so busy from day 1 arrived in Bintulu..

my activities for the whole week?
let me show you...

O13Oam (Saturday)

arrived in Sarawak

direct to Bintulu...(arrived ptg trus tdo)
went to church :dancing

DAY 2 (Sunday)

pg: church service

petang: church (youth service)
malam: esaimen 1st paragraph

DAY 3 (Monday)
pg: lepaking wif sista2

ptg: esaimen line 5

mlm: off to HISTORY MAKER dance practice in church


DAY 4 (Tuesday)

pg: rehat2 in rumah

ptg: esaimen line 8

mlm:off to HISTORY MAKER dance practice in church

DAY 5 (Wednesday)

pg: lepak2 in rumah...

ptg: off to church for the dance practice..

mlm: off to church for doa syafaat (me play keyboard)..

den pecut my kreta n off for dance practice in SIB BEM  

DAY 6 (Thursday)

pg:lepak2 in house wif fam...

ptg: esaimen line 20

mlm: off for the YOUTH REVO TOUR in church...(AWESOME)!!

day 7 (Friday)

pg: now in rumah...

ptg: will be off to church for dance practice

mlm: dancing n joining the youth revo tour in church..(yayyy!!)

DAY 8 (Saturday)

pg until petang will be busy with the SIB Bahasa Kenyah youth activity

mlm: off to church again for Sunday morning service

Day 9 (Sunday)

pg: me off to church (**Sunday service)

ptg: see how..maybe off to church again...=)

mlm: packing my things...

Day 10 (Monday)

pg: off to Miri

ptg: shopping and round2 in Miri

mlm: taking my flight...went back...

all excitement in church will be left n will be coninued in KL...

** i am TIRED physically...
but my soul not...
i'm longing to serve Jesus even more...
that's why..
i never sigh when i felt tired...
i am happy because i spending my holiday wisely...
i spending my holiday with my heavenly Father, Jesus...
i love to do it..
i know...

TWO is better than ONE...
i decided to walk with HIM in HIS light...

God bless us all!!