Friday, July 5, 2013

Thursday, July 4, 2013

New Experience

today i was happy to sweat again...
and managed to have my feet stepped on the field.
oh yeah..
me and few of my besties playing an interesting game.
you want to know?

it's Frisbee!!!

as a newbie in this game, i found it to be so interesting and fun.
for me, this game is a combination of


So, do you have general idea on how this game look like?
it looks simple and yes...DAEBAK!! 

so, i am going to develop my feeling for this game because i start to like it. (haha)

special thanks to abang Faiz, Vemn, Wawa, Anna, Chan, Quen, Aina and Pojie
(*also to those who was left out)
thanks for let me play and teach me. 
i promise to learn and perform much better in the future.
haiyoookkk!! semangat!!

until then...

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

it's July 2013

2013 almost comes to it's end...
ah..time flies so fast!!
JULY is the month that does not have any HOLIDAY...

I was doing nothing this whole day and ended up reading my past entries.

HILARIOUS i would say...
so immature and emotional...
let's LAUGH

It was 03/07/2013
and approximately, it's 46 days to my 21st birthday..

yes! i'm not getting any younger..
in fact, i'll getting much older...
later and sooner...
so, before my time runs out...

i want to have a blast of time on my own..
live happily..
laugh crazily...
and do everything...
as tomorrow never come for me...

enjoy life would you?


i was so busy with my hectic life here in IPBA
and it was such a long break i took
to write post on my blog again.
 well, recently our exam results were out.
Thank God, i managed to get through another semester!

it was hazed in Kuala Lumpur (uhuk3!!)

 basically, it's been three years i've been here
and i met so many different people with varies of characteristics.
some stay as a good friend and mate and some aren't.
people are growing up and eventually realized, nothing last forever.

this is my special entry about my mate and good friend of mine.
they are my GIRLFRIENDS!
not girlfriends as in girlfriends, i mean they are my 'girls-friend'.
okay...what the crap i've been writing here??
TRUE ENOUGH, you see...
my world without them is just like the world is going to explode .. 

we are so far so good and we are great...
but still few things i DON'T KNOW.. :

i don't know how the years will bring us along as the time pass by..
i don't know whether we will stay like this forever..
i don't know they have the same thought with me..
i don't know...i don't know...

too many don't know revolved around my head...

both of them are CRAZY...
both of them are PRETTY...
both of them...well make me feel NORMAL...
and every moment i have with them, i'll cherished..

 so much words to say..
to describe how much i feel blessed for having them..
for be with them and for BULLYING them? Photobucket

they don't have to do anything to me to be qualified as good friends..

yups!! all those little things they did really close to my heart...Photobucket

what they did is this...

so much to write and to say... so this is from my heart to both of you.milkysmile


eh...wait..want to know them? their name is Grissilla yg CHANTEK and Olga yg CHOMEL.
here you go!

till then it's good night, from Green Apple.