Thursday, December 23, 2010

What Happening In 2010??

it's DECEMBER again!
it is always be my favorite month of the year!!
Why is the because?
it is because December is a month where every people around the world celebrate the birthday of our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ!
The year 2010 for this time is really awesome~!!!
It is my first year celebrate Christmas with all of my family members!!
All my aunts, uncles, nieces, nephew, fruit sons...(hehehe) are coming!!
it will be great !!'s just 1st reason...
wanna know more?
i've got a lot of presents in this year and my December 2010 became awesome!...
some of them are:
1. My P's license!! yayy~proudly present! and guess first destination after got my the main church~...^___^...coz it's all by HIS will...i am thankful to God~

2. 'Lepaking' with my best buddies in KL~i met them coincidence okay?never thought that i will meet them...and funny thing is..i never realize we were closed to each other...(hahaha)

3. Attending "Saya Pengikut Kristus" (SPK 7) in SIB Serdang!! finally i convo and going thru this programmed well's all by God's will...

4.  This is my clan in IPBA...hahaha...we are fun!!

in this picture from left: Pst. Bram, me and best buddy, Bonn Mailin

5. Meeting with a Pastor from Batam, Indonesia..the writer and author of "Man of Kingdom" and "History Maker"....i've got his autograph you know!!

6. Tadaaaa!!!learning how to bake cake...c???~!!!hehehehe..original baa this one!

7. meaningful gift for my Christmas this year...i'm getting to know that someone with the name..H get rid of me...(tet3)...

**actually there's a lot of BEST thing that happened this year...hopefully the enjoyment continued till the end of my lifetime!!

~till then it's juju reported from her study-room...=)