Saturday, January 1, 2011

the memories in 2010

it's 2011!!
New Year finally here!!
i'm going to be sweet 19 in 7 months to come! 
oh no!!
...hey..take a look some memories of me in 2010...


~during a wedding night of a friend on 30hb December 2010~

~before going for the Church service in 31 December 2010~

~in the dancer's outfit..=)~


~with a cute little girl which always love to call me 'kakak' her.~

~with those awesome children..the new generations..=)~

**the only memories that i left a few hours before the 2010 ends...
may 2011 bring more prosperity and enjoyment...
God bless..=)

**till then it's me reported from my room~