Thursday, November 10, 2011

fragile again? o(╥﹏╥)o

i was crying again last night
out of sudden i realized that i'm crying
it had happened long time ago in past
but i still fragile.
i was go through my inbox and removed some messages
in my Facebook
then i came across messages from a person
i read it all through again
it is a long list of  messages though..
but i still want to read it all over again
from no reason, i cry again
when i read a phrase:

" keep yourself for me."

i don't have feeling for that particular person anymore
it was kind of hurt when i read all those 'ancient' things all over again
i should stop read.
but i really appreciate it when he admitted and tell me the truth
reasons why he left me torn apart

oh well...

benda yang sudah lama berlalu,
mari dilupakan!
i promise to myself
it'll be my last entry about this person

* i have to hide his identity..
just wanna share 
that i once fooled by love.

now i am OKAY!!

till then, stay smile and be blessed.

from one and only Devil vs Prada blog's owner:


  1. It's always better to tell the ugly truth rather that covering it up with pretty lies. :)

  2. and it end up me suffer watching his smiles when his smiles is not meant for me.. hohoho..i'm ok now. just reflects..:)