Thursday, July 4, 2013

New Experience

today i was happy to sweat again...
and managed to have my feet stepped on the field.
oh yeah..
me and few of my besties playing an interesting game.
you want to know?

it's Frisbee!!!

as a newbie in this game, i found it to be so interesting and fun.
for me, this game is a combination of


So, do you have general idea on how this game look like?
it looks simple and yes...DAEBAK!! 

so, i am going to develop my feeling for this game because i start to like it. (haha)

special thanks to abang Faiz, Vemn, Wawa, Anna, Chan, Quen, Aina and Pojie
(*also to those who was left out)
thanks for let me play and teach me. 
i promise to learn and perform much better in the future.
haiyoookkk!! semangat!!

until then...

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