Thursday, March 19, 2015


I wonder .... how could we fall in love with the SAME person all over again without fails.

When everyday we keep on thinking about him even when he is not around.
When we can smell their scent even when they are far away..
When we still feel their presence although it has been so long we didn't get to spend some time with them..

I don't know that I would love someone as much as this.
I don't know that I would love someone dearly more than I ever love myself.
I don't know that he, would become the world of mine.

And.. i love him truly.

To dear you,
Thank you for being the best. Thank you for the time you had spent with me. I am still counting every moment I am going to have with you. Thanks for always able to surprise me with every little thing.. you are wordless. No words can be used to describe how wonderful and amazing man you are. Thanks for just being you and I love you. Will always do.

#DayfilledwithloveIguess#Loveandlove# :)

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